Conception After Abortion: Everything You Must Know

Abortion is not only painful but a heart-breaking and traumatic experience for a woman. Abortion means a deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. It is also known as ‘Medical Termination of Pregnancy’ or MTP in medical terminology.  It may due to medical reasons or for delaying a pregnancy. A lot many couples go through this, as they feel they are not ready for a child. While few have to bear this for any arising medical complications. However, conception after abortion has always been a hot topic of debate with a lot of misconceptions around.

One thing is for sure that it is not an easy phase to go through and women often try to keep it a secret. Not for saving themselves from sympathy but also for various pressure our society put on them.

conception after abortion

So, Why I am talking about it?

I am talking about it because I personally have been through this. After facing sympathy, empathy and hearing so many myths, I thought of sharing my experience. After three years of marriage, when we were ready to be parents. An episode of missed Abortion took away our happy surprise. And we had to go through all the process of Medical termination.  

From pills to various scans, from vacuum to Surgery I had seen it all. Like any procedure failure, there could be failed abortions too and mine failed. Though doctors had no clear answers to why it happened, hormone imbalance was blamed. It was indeed the worst phase ever of my life. With all the feeling after abortion, the next big thing was conception after abortion. For the reason of various misconceptions that are formed in our society.

The Post missed Abortion Syndrome was not something I was looking forward to. The physical and emotional aftermath was, in fact, the most difficult part. Apart from all that, I felt there was a lot of pressure on everyone around to act as if nothing has happened.

So, today in this article I am trying to share the results of all my research and discussions with my doctor. The aim is to help you with the facts about conception after abortion, everything that you need to know.

No, Abortion DOES NOT affect fertility

It is one of the common myths that a woman isn’t fertile if she has had an abortion. If the abortion is done properly with proper medical guidance, it doesn’t affect a woman’s fertility.

Though choosing to abort for delaying pregnancy is fine. But multiple abortions one after another may cause weakening the cervix. This may lead to an incompetent cervix and may cause untimely termination of pregnancy.



Avoid pregnancy soon after an abortion

Give your body time to recover and heel and take time to plan conception after abortion.  The major reason is that during the abortion process the cervix is softened by inducing contractions to expel out the fetus. So, waiting for a couple of months would help heal your uterus. Another reason is that there may be excessive bleeding and your body would need to get back to its normal and healthy self.

Experts advise that the minimum period between an abortion and the next pregnancy should be at least three months. But it is ideal is to wait for at least 6 months before you try to get pregnant again.

Always use contraception after an abortion

Even after an abortion, a woman would still be ovulating. And chances are that you may not able to judge your monthly dates correctly. So, if you are not using any contraceptives chance are that you can still get pregnant. Also, an unwanted pregnancy, immediately after an abortion is not good for your health. Off course you won’t be ready for it either mentally or physically. To be safe, use condoms or any other form of contraceptives.

Always Plan your next pregnancy

Abortion or not it is always better to plan your pregnancy. When you think you are mentally ready for motherhood, always meet your doctor and seek guidance. Get all the necessary medical check-ups and tests done to know whether your body is ready for pregnancy.

conception after abortion

Do Load up on folic acid

Whenever you are ready to get pregnant after an abortion, it is advised to load up on folic acid pills. These are very important during pregnancy for healthy growth of the fetus. Folic acid also prevents birth defects in a fetus resulting in a healthy pregnancy. So if you had multiple abortions or are having a late pregnancy, this is not something you should miss.



Frequent and timely intercourse

When you are ready and plan your pregnancy, try to have more frequent sex. It would be better to check your most fertile days, to increase the chances of conception after abortion. There are ovulation test kits available which help to track the fertile period and can help women to conceive.

Last but not least, do not give up hope, if it is taking time. Your body needs time to get back to the normal pattern of hormones and ovulation cycle to help you conceive. Hope this helps! Do let me know if you have any sugesstions, feedback or any experience to share. 🙂

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