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Like all budding bloggers, I too wanted to grow, give time to my blog and the much-needed love it deserved. We all know how difficult it is, to get active on our blogs at times. And such writing challenges not only gives us that opportunity and platform but also that motivation to keep writing. 

This year I took part in #MyFriendAlexa (Season 3.0) by Blogchatter – my first ever blogging challenge and I am truly glad that I did. I was super nervous on September 01. 2018 when I wrote my first post. This Tuggunmommy is my 3-month-old domain and I was already working hard to bring my blog to a decent statistics. Luckily the challenge came at the right time and gave me that one final push to revamp my old posts to make them SEO friendly and plan and work on some new blog posts. 

So on the last day of September 2018, while I wave goodbye to MyFriendAlexa, I want to Thank Blogchatter to help us bloggers with a great platform. With all the mandatory readings that came almost every day (except Sundays and few extra Leave days which we got time to time), the entire journey was crazy fun. Along with that, I want to share the little things I enjoyed from this challenge.

I got to know it from a recent Facebook LVE  by Team Blogchatter and signup on their page and waited eagerly to hear back. I won’t lie that I was happy and nervous too when I got an email confirming the acceptance of my participation. 

Next Steps

Now the next step was to plan and draft my posts. Pheww.. the most difficult part I guess.

But in my case, I need a lot of motivation to keep the good work throughout the month and not give up, so I first plan a motivational post for myself reminding why I really wanna do this. Well, this also sorted one post count 🙂

And before I could plan my next post the waves of #MyFriendAlexa came in. With Loads of readings and sharing, first 2 days went in the hush. I never wanted to miss or postponed my readings for the next day and increase the pile-up. More because the next day will bring some additional readings list adding it further.

So, I made a plan on how to spread out my readings in a day and writing for the weekends. Luckily I had planned for the weeks’ post and one was drafted long back, which I posted next week. So the initial 2 weeks were manageable. Then the real challenges started. With next posts not completely ready, and one day’s reading spilled over to the next day, I knew I could be in a bad situation soon.

There were many days when I felt that “This is It, I can’t spend my entire weekend writing and the entire week reading”. It literally left no time for myself (mind you, I am not counting missing my Instagram posts and handling a cranky toddler).

But then I thought, why I was writing MyFriendAlexa and took a couple of hours and finished all the pending pre-requisites. I can’t explain in words how much better it felt post finishing all pendencies. It was a fresh breath of air.


How to tackle all the fuss about MyFriendAlexa?

  • For those unaware, in the MyFriendAlexa campaign, you have to write 2 posts per week and read all the mandatory ‘reading list’ which are the posts by other bloggers. As I said, Initially it may sound too much and a tedious task. But a better planning and being consistent would definitely help.
  • This would not only give you good habits to get engaged with your blog but would surely make it more fun.
  • Take it as a challenge with yourself rather than others. Because as you read and share fellow bloggers post, it will help you get some new views, ideas and chance to read and explore other bloggers views on your posts.
  • MyFriendAlexa campaign by blogChatter is mainly to improve your website’s Alexa ranking and yes getting you a good traction, giving you new readers, subscribers and a chance to learn from them.


My Experience about MyFriendAlexa?

  • As I am a new blogger, getting to know other bloggers and learning from them was so important. From the basics of ‘how their website looks’ to ‘their writing style’, from the kind of topics they write on to ‘their views’, everything was an amazing experience altogether.
  • The kind of helpful conversation that happens in the groups was very motivating. Everyone kept motivating each other to keep going. They were available to answer the queries, whether technical or functional. The pings at odd hours helped each other in meeting their readings/writing deadlines.
  • Most Important!! The reason why I signed it Up!! My Alexa ranks dropped.


'I took my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter' 

Date : September 01, 2018 Alexa Rank: Global 15,65,823 Country  1,37,500
Date : September 30, 2018 Alexa Rank: Global  7,60,134 Country    38,417

So all in all, a happy Month of September 2018. MyFriendAlexa,  You have been very kind, please stay like this 😉 

On that happy Note, Goodbye MyFriendAlexa!

See You next year <3




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24 thoughts on “Bye Bye #MyFriendAlexa, I will miss you!”

  1. Seems like the Myfriend Alexa challenge helped you a lot. I have been seeing a series of posts under the hashtag #Myfriendalexa . Thanks for sharing your experience xx

    1. Hi Siddhi, Just register yourself on and they will keep sending you information on the upcoming challenges. Hope to see you soon in next challenge.

    1. Yes more than the mandatory 8.. the daily reading pressure was killing.. But glad we did it together

  2. You seemed to havea great experience with #MyfriendAlexa campaign. And why not if it had helped your blog to get the desired ranking

  3. wow amazing result! Really these writing festivals help us a lot. This year I missed for personal issue but next time will participate for sure

  4. Wow what a co-incidence..I had written same kind of post this week and I shared most of the points with you. indeed, it is a great challenge and we all had learnt a lot from it.

    1. So true. It’s a great challenge and a little disciple and planning helps. Would live to read your take as well.

  5. Well done ! It’s quite commendable that you could stick with it. I frankly gave up after one week because I found it way too tedious and didn’t find any significant increase in traffic . But if it worked for you good !

    1. Thank you!! Wish you could have continued. It’s not about traffic, it’s more for the ranking. And I have seen people dropped their ranks even with not much or no traffic. It’s more about interlinking . Anyways wish you best

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