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#BlogchatterA2Z 2019 Theme reveal

Hello Friends,

Its that time of the year for which I was waiting for. It was exactly a year ago when I saw my blogger friends talking about blogchatter Challenge. Frankly, that was the time I got aware of blogchatter and I quickly run through to know more. But sadly by the time, I could make my mind it was too late to register. But it kept me hooked to their page to know more about this challenge -26 days, 26 blog posts with 26 letters #BlogchatterA2Z and the themes. 

While I was waiting for the next season of #BlogchatterA2Z, and going through all the weekly mailers send by TheBlogChatter team. I could not help myself moving to a self-hosted site, the moment they announced the next season of another challenge. This new challenge was aiming to boost the Alexa ranking #MyFriendAlexa. The challenge was one of its kind and lasted for one whole month- September 2018. It was a great experience for a naive blogger like me, and I started working on all the tips and tricks shared during the challenge. And finally, the time has come when I am participating in the challenge I was waiting for #BlogchatterA2Z 2019 #TuggunMommyWrites

The challenge: #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

Thinking about participating in the #BlogchatterA2Z 2019 challenge in itself is quite a thrill for all bloggers. After all the concept is so amazing. With 26 days of writing a new post, as a part of a theme, or not, its full of excitement. It’s an individual’s choice to choose a theme or not, as all the posts revolve around Alphabets A2Z. each day new letter in the order. Isn’t it fun to keep guessing, what fellow bloggers will write on?

On a serious note, it is difficult to stick to a theme and find something relevant yet exciting to match up with the daily letter. Also coming up with new posts every day is again an experience of its kind.  While I am too nervous but equally excited to be a part of it this season. 

#BlogchatterA2Z theme reveal #Superfoods

The #BlogchatterA2Z 2019 Theme Reveal

Today is the day when all of us participants are going to reveal their theme for the challenge. And after changing my list twice.. phew, I am on it to write it and finally announce my theme for this season. While I am being a little late to link up #BlogchatterA2Z2019. Still, I cannot hold my excitement and I hope it remains there till the end of the month and I finish all writing before noon. 

So, let’s not waste any more time and come straight to the objective of this post #BlogchatterA2Z2019 Theme reveal.

Next entire month I will be writing all my 26 posts around #SuperFoods which we moms do like to feed our fussy eaters and eat ourselves- for weight loss. This is also in line to my short term goals made as a part of New Year Resolutions this year.

Be of any age, kids are fussy eaters, they just want to eat food that looks fancy or tastes yum. And even we adults hate to munch on the same boring dal, sabzi, isn’t it? While eating in variety is best, eating a healthy meal is equally important.

#BlogchatterA2Z theme reveal #Superfoods
#Superfoods for a Healthy You!

Sticking to the theme of SuperFoods, expect 26 posts #BlogchatterA2Z 2019

    1. A detailed post about a SuperFood each day
    2. Benefits of these amazing yet easily available SuperFoods
    3. Some tips and tricks you can add them to your daily diet
    4. Some easy and quick recipes to keep up our Health Quotient.


What I am expecting from #BlogchatterA2Z2019

  • Content – As we say the Content is the king, I will try to make it helpful for my readers by sharing my personal experience towards a healthy lifestyle.
  • Consistency – With posts coming up on each day, I would try to maintain my visibility and keep my blog super active
  • Communication – Would try to make full use of the opportunity to (virtually) communicate with like-minded bloggers and writers. I feel this is a great medium to gain a lot of learning and keep the motivation level up to write more.

While I am hopeful that this Challenge isn’t going to be just publishing good content on my site during this month-long Blogging challenge. It shall be much more than it focusing more on improving the overall statistics of my blog site. 

#BlogchatterA2Z 2019 Theme reveal
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So, do come back every day starting from April 01, 2019 and be a part of my journey in #BlogchatterA2Z 2019.

Are you excited, do leave in your comments if you have any SuperFood, you want me to cover this month?


Much love, Gunjan


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