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How to have a Better sleep and have a Happier Bedtime Routine

Nightdress, How to chose the right night dress

A good night’s sleep after a tiring day is just as important as regular exercise and being on a healthy diet. It aids in healthy growth and better immune function. In fact, creating the right environment for sleep—the right light, the right temperature, can really make a lot of difference. Another important factor for better sleep is what you wear to bed. A perfect nightdress can really make a lot of difference to your Sleep Routine.

Being Comfortable is the Key!

First and foremost, we should consider the fact that the most important aspect of choosing a perfect nightdress is our comfort. Though picking the right nightwear is a personal choice, it should feel good when you put it on. If by any chance you dislike the slippery sensation of silk, for example. Then, you won’t be able to enjoy a good night sleep in a silky pair of pyjamas. Hence, being strategic about selecting what you wear to bed can surprisingly promote better sleep.

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How can you choose the right Nightdress for you

While there are numerous options available to choose from the new collection, it might get a little tricky to find your right pair. So, whenever next you look for upgrading your Pyjamas do consider the points below –

  1. Choose the Right Fabric. As we all know that all kinds of fabric are not suited for all kind of weathers. Though Cotton is very light, it lets the skin breathe and doesn’t even cling to the skin. But a Cotton nightdress can be the best suited for only summers. For winters, heavier fabrics silk, satin or even polyester fabrics should be opted for more comfort.

Nightdress, How to chose a nightdress

  1. Wear the Right Size. While you shop for a nightdress, think about more than the right fabric. For a comfortable sleep, you would need a nightdress that would fit right, that lets you relax and move freely. If your night dress is too tight, it may restrict the movement and if too lose it may move over the body while you sleep making you uncomfortable and as result, you won’t be able to have a good night sleep.

Top and Short Nightwear, NightDress, How to chose a night dress

  1. Consider Flexibility. A lot of us, buy the nightdress as a usual set. Consider buying some extra nightdress/ tops that can be mixed and matched with the shades of your bottoms. Some cool prints or designs can really set up the mood after a busy day and would help in dozing off better.
  1. Details do matter. You may want to choose a soft nightdress with minimal and less fancy details. For a button-down top, choose ones having small press buttons or soft fabric covered ones that blend in easily. Avoid fancy frills, unless they are supremely soft as these can get hurtful and poky leading to your skin getting irritated. For jammies, chose drawstring or elasticized waist options, they are super comfortable and most popular. Both drawstring as well as elasticized waistbands, should sit comfortably and not be loose to slip on & off or too tight to cut off circulation and leave any red impression.

Make a comfortable personal choice

Ultimately, all that matter is your personal comfort and it reigns supreme when picking the right sleepwear for yourself – a cotton shorts, a silk chemise, a classic cotton pyjama, a stretchy sleep shirt, or a short dress.

Go ahead and shop the one which makes you feel good and comfortable.


48 thoughts on “How to have a Better sleep and have a Happier Bedtime Routine

  1. For me fabric is the first priority because I can’t wear any other fabrics, cotton is my first choice always. And my choice is shorts and tee always.

  2. Comfortable night wear can improve sleep quality. I am a silk night dress or cotton jammie’s person.
    Some great collection here.

  3. A good sleep is energize our body and mind. perfect night wear has a great impact on our sleep routine. Cotton sleep wears are good indeed.

  4. I prefer cotton sleepwear.They are so light n comfortable.Never compromise your sleep by going to bed with heavy and uncomfortable dress.

    (Snehalata Jain)

  5. Oh my god! When I looked at the heading of the post I was like wow it’s for my child and only then realized even I need bedtime routine It’s true we too need comfy clothes for a nice sleep! Kids have gone into our thoughts deep that we stop thinking about ourselves! I

  6. Amazing and beautiful collections. Night dress is necessary for the comfortable sleep. We need a nightdress to be relax and move freely. Great thoughts.

  7. I think having a nice sleep routine helps a lot. But also it’s important to slip into comfortable clothes before you hit the bed. Great tips.

  8. Zivame has cool and comfy nightwear collection. Will try it for sure. During bedtime I always prefer cotton based fabric because it feels so much comfortable.

  9. Sleeping in loose, breathable & soft fabrics is such an essential part of night routine.

    And your post is a perfect guide to some impressive suggestions for nightwear.

    1. Exactly breathable soft fabric is the key with right fit. Neither too loose which keep sliding or too tight to give you red Marks

  10. This is a very relevant post for any mom as we hardly take care of what we wear and what is good for us.

  11. Clothing choices even for bedtime does make a lot of difference, I myself like the cotton shorts for my sleeptime.

    1. Yes frills and all keep time going around and disturbs the sleep. A comfy sleep wear is so important for a good sleep

    2. Yes frills and all keep time tingling around and disturbs the sleep. A comfy sleep wear is so important for a good sleep

  12. Sleep is the most comfortable activity I do after a long tiring day. And my clothes should be the most comfortable to make me happy and peaceful while I sleep.

  13. These are good points Gunjan. I especially agree about details. I have never been comfortable with lacy and frilly nightdresses. give me an old t shirt and track pants any day

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