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Indian gooseberry/Amla: powerhouse of good health

Indian gooseberry, amla (In Hindi) or amalaka, is undeniably a powerhouse of nutrients. It contains essential minerals and vitamins that are not only integral to the well-being of our body. But also in preventing and managing, some of the most common and widespread diseases. Whether enjoyed raw or juiced, powdered or simply in an array of pickles, jams or spreads. This Superfood is surely going to add to your good health by all means. 

Being one of the richest sources of Vitamin C, Indian gooseberry or Amla enhance nutrient absorption and eliminate free radicals. It is also known to have powerful antioxidants helping flush out toxins from our system. Apart from boosting the immune system, treating throat ailments, reducing blood sugar also helps to slow down ageing. Yet, many people avoid taking this fruit seriously, in spite of knowing its enormous health benefits just because of its extremely sour taste. You may read a post by Organic facts with all its benefits in detail.

Amla Juice Indian gooseberry for good health


5 Health benefits of Indian Gooseberry/Amla

  1. Relieves acidity. With its high fibre and water content, Amla has great anti-inflammatory properties. This helps soothes the intestinal lining and thus curbing acidity.
  2. Improve Calcium absorption – There are chances that we might be consuming enough calcium in our diet. But the amount of calcium absorbed by our body depends upon various factors. And amla due to its high Vitamin C content helps better absorption of calcium in our body.
  3. Acts as a diuretic. Amla is also known to helps the elimination of various toxins and unwanted/excess salt through urine.
  4. Manage Diabetes. The presence of chromium in Amla, plays a powerful role in managing diabetes. It is known to stimulate the beta cells, which produces insulin. Thus, helps in better uptake of sugar in our body and reduces sugar spikes.  Chromium is also responsible for maintaining good heart health, as this reduces the formation of cholesterol build up in the arteries. 
  5. Anti-ageing. Every woman on this earth wishes to look young. Though ageing is a natural, and inevitable process. Yet the process of ageing could be slowed down with Amla or Indian gooseberries. The powerful antioxidants in Amla, helps get rid of free radicals which cause wrinkles, black spots, blemishes and various other signs of ageing. Besides this, Amla also improves our immunity, appetite and eye health and hair quality.  

Let’s add one Amla in our diet. And enjoy the unlimited blessings Amla has bestowed upon us. 


How to enjoy the goodness of Amla/Indian Gooseberry

Amla Juice Indian gooseberry for good health

You can enjoy it in the form of fresh juice (try with a dash of honey), or in a dried form, like a pickle, or it could be added in your soups and curries. Read more ways to eat Amla here. I personally prefer Dried Amla for its ease of storing and convenience of eating it anywhere anytime.  It also satisfies the evening hunger pangs. 

How to make Dried Amla

dried Amla Indian gooseberry for good health
Dried Amla– a delicious way to enjoy the good health from otherwise sour Amla/Indian Gooseberry

Deseed and chop amla in small pieces. Sprinkle a little salt and leave it to dry in sunlight for a few days. Once it gets completely dehydrated, you can store it in a dry air-tight jar. It would make an ideal on-the-go evening snack.


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