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Alphabet Matching activities for Preschoolers

As a child enters the world of reading and writing through letters and phonics. Matching uppercase and lowercase can be really confusing to them especially when it comes to mirror image alphabets like ‘i, j’ or ‘b, d’. So, we tried these easy alphabet matching activities for preschoolers recently and my 3 years old absolutely loved them.

  1. ABC Spider-web Alphabet Matching Activity

To make learning lowercase abc’s fun we made a spiderweb and hide the lowercase alphabets inside the tiny spiders. The child now has to find, recognise the alphabet and match it with the corresponding uppercase letter. You can see the entire activity here on the Instagram post too.

Alphabet Matching activities for Preschoolers Spiderweb Activity
ABC Spiderweb Activity

Materials required

  • A magnetic board
  • Few markers/brush-pens to make spider webs
  • Magnetic alphabets

If you don’t have a magnetic board, worry not. Use a normal white/chalkboard. You may also use Foam letters or make DIY alphabet cut-outs. Isn’t it an easy alphabet matching activity for preschoolers?

For Nursery/Kindergarten kids, you may ask them to draw the corresponding uppercase/lowercase letter too for letter writing practise.


  1. Handwritten – Lowercase matching activity for kids

We made some square cut-outs, with handwritten lowercase alphabets. The lowercase letters are intentionally handwritten to get comfortable with the written form/cursive way of writing. Also, similar letters are written in the same colour to familiarise better. Check the entire activity here on Instagram post.

Materials required

  • Foam/ Magnetic alphabets
  • Cardboard box
  • Few markers/brush-pens to draw lowercase alphabets
  • scissor to cut small squares 

Alphabet matching activities for preschooler lowercase upercase

You may lay down the lowercase alphabets and ask the child to match the corresponding uppercase or vice-a-versa. Either way, it’s going to be fun.

Alphabet Matching activities for Preschoolers upercase Alphabet Matching activities for Preschoolers, lowercase



Similarly, for Nursery/Kindergarten kids, you may ask them to draw the corresponding uppercase/lowercase letters too for some letter writing practice.

If you are following me @tuggu.n.mommy on Instagram, you might have seen some Lowercase and Uppercase Alphabet matching activities for preschoolers we did recently. You may like to follow me on Instagram and search for #TnM_Activities for more such fun and easy alphabet matching activities for preschoolers.

Do let me know if you try these activities, share your joy with your posts or stories and tag me @tuggu.n.mommy.

Alphabet Matching activities for Preschoolers
A for Alphabet- Easy Activities for kids

Hope you like these 2 activities, stay tuned and keep checking this space for tomorrow for letter B- any guess what it shall be?


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    • Thank you so much, do try them and dont forget to tag me, I would love to share the happiness. I am available at Tuggu.n.mommy on all social media <3

  • Activity boards such as these are quite useful in learning. I liked the concept of matching capital and small letters too. A great way to teach kids.

  • Those are some interesting activities for preschoolers to identify the alphabets. Loved the spider one!

  • these look to be interesting ideas to teach kids about Alphabets. I liked the spider activity especially as here the kid will use his analytical ability also while matching and learning the alphabets.

  • Wow that is awesome activity to do with kids and I am sure they would learn it quickly in a fun way. Will surely try it

  • I so loved the concept of this activity buddy. It is a worthy recommendation for parents of little ones

  • Blogaberry Foo

    Wow this is an awesome way to teach my son about alphabets and match the columns. Thanks for the idea

  • It is a great activity that involves kids and makes them think. I think I will share it with my sister who is looking out for activities to do with her 3 year old son.

  • This is a helping hands for the moms who are introducing alphabets for toddler.. Every step is so well explained..

  • This activity is such a fun way to learn! Kids get attracted to the bright letters and pick up what is taught faster.


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