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Why I chose to wear my toddler

Being in a nuclear setup, there are times when we need to take a lot of decisions all by ourselves. And I feel happy that I am able to take the right decisions to raise my baby. Or at least think I am taking the right decisions as they are working well for us. Though we still have times when we need to struggle for a lot of things. But we are still learning and experimenting what works best. But one thing I am proud to opt is wearing my baby close to my heart in our lovely full buckle carrier from Soul Slings.

If you are new to babywearing or still have doubts about it doing right, do read to know my experiences.


  1. Baby wearing makes life Super Convenient

I can freely walk around when carrying #LittleTuggu in a Carrier. No need to worry about negotiating steps or difficult in strolling in the crowd. Car seats cum baby buckets may work well (for few) when the baby is too young, but trust me, it doesn’t help much. It gets uncomfortable for little order babies and a little awkward for parents to carry them with one hand. Not to mention, the discomfort for parents with back ache or any medical problem may have.

At close to 1.5 years, I am still nursing T and a baby carrier’s discreet nursing makes it easy to nurse on the go. I have nursed him in public places without worrying to find an easy spot to settle in, at busy airports and grocery store/mall shopping while carrying my bags too. It doesn’t make us stop, we do multitask and save some happy time to play around.

  1. Keeps my toddler happy!

There are several studies available online wherein it is shown that babies are less crankier and fussier. Crying is exhausting for babies and also for parents. Hence when babies are calm and crying less, it is observed that spend that energy on observing and actively learning.

Reason being very simple. When I wear T, I are too close to monitor his clues and address his needs. He had been a colicky baby and loved sleeping well when being carried and baby wearing made our long hours of carrying easy.

  1. It is healthy for me too!

Being a first time mom who loves to google for tiniest of things. A lot of our time goes in understanding and experimenting making it challenging to get some time for myself or some time to exercise. But once I started carrying T in our Soul Full buckle for our evening walks, it gave us much needed break. Also making my tired but over-stimulated child to sleep easily. Do I need to explain you the dual benefits of walking with “Weightlifting” which help me to drop some extra kilos too. 😊 It indeed works as a total win-win for #Tuggu.n.mommy

  1. It helps us communicate and learn better.

Since now he has loves exploring and interested in knowing about “everything” too, baby wearing makes us easier to communicate. He feels more confident and relaxed with his gestures and expressions.

Also since he is in a phase where he is starting to speak, so most of our conversations are few words and the rest is expressions. So, when I wear T, I feel a little more confident mother who can easily read his cues, his expressions and able to answer his hundreds of questions. He can also communicate effectively without crying or getting and fussier, adding to our positive and healthy parenting.

  1. It gives us the needed security

Baby Wearing is usually associated with infants, but they can be very useful for toddlers as well; most Full Buckle Carriers accommodate children up to 20- 25 kgs. The world can be a scary place for toddlers, who feel more confident when they are carried. Toddlers often become over-stimulated, and a ride in the sling helps to soothe and comfort them before (or after!) a “melt-down” occurs. It can be very helpful in places like the zoo, aquarium, or museum, where a small child in a stroller would miss many of the exhibits.


And most importantly…Who doesn’t love to cuddle their baby?

Your child feels more a part of your life when he is carried up in a carrier, and you will find yourself becoming more and more enchanted with this special little person.

So what are you waiting for, start your baby wearing journey with today?


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